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Syncbot is the best male masturbator based on AI. Unlike normal sex toys, it can analyze pornographic videos and generates scripts. Based on its servo system, it can provide a more realistic feel.
This automatic male masturbator can do rotation pulsation and contraction. You can use the mouse or touch gestures to empty this wireless male toy. SYNCBOT is a button-less design, plugging into SYNCHUB can wake up this hands free auto stroker.


Feature based AI Capable to decode all kinds of camera based videos, no matter where you bought them from.
SYNCBOT is a high-tech sex toy with 38,000 hours of training. According to the characteristics of the sex scene, the AI in this masturbator machine can decode various camera shot videos.
SYNCBOT is a pleasure robot that can be controlled wirelessly, which is more stable and convenient.
Syncbot is a collection machine integrating high-tech AI software and sophisticated hardware. This is an automatic male stroker far beyond any stroking. You can feel stroked, licked, squeezed at the same time, which brings the masturbation to next level!
Magneto-Aerodynamic Leverage
Replaceble SCABBARD
High Accuracy Servo Motor Phased Array Detection Multi-Dimensional Servo Motor Energy-Efficiency PCB Magneto-Aerodynamic Design Intelligent MHS
High-precision servo motors control the distance and speed of the machine more accurately, and there are infinite changes. Combine gesture control and Magneto-aerodynamic design to give you the best sex toy experience.
High Accuracy Servo Motor
Energy-Efficiency PCB
Phased Array Detection
Magneto-Aerodynamic Design
Multi-Dimensional Servo Motor
Intelligent MHS
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